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there's a coffee shop on the 2nd floor, lovely views overlooking the thames too.

Or if you're anything like me the book shop is always a great place to meet, check out the kids books - it's a very goodlooking selection.

Cant come this week, got someone coming over from Sweden & whilst it is tempting to drag him along, I think we have quite a bit to get through. (See how slippery & elusive the 'no change' agenda can be?) From a dispassionate bystander pov, the big coffee shop on ground floor corner is often a less crowded/safer bet in the morning...

I'd meet the Mark Rothko room if I where you. It's nearly always empty. But you may end up feeling alittle "sombre". If there are school groups in there, tag along. The staff at the Tate are brilliant with the kids although the kids tend not to be brilliant with the staff.

We should maybe meet by the ticket booth downstairs in the Turbine Hall to get our tickets for the slides. Depends whether people want to go on them before or after a slice of cake and a cup of tea.

I will love if someday you guys come all the way here to Brazil to make a breakfast here in São Paulo but for now it’s just me, all by my self!!
Ill be lovely to have something like this to networking and discuss all the infinite topics about planning.
There’s anyone here who enjoy this kind of gathering here in São Paulo??

I can't make it as I'm in Leeds, but that's a great idea.

PS Simon, was that an idea for the day?

No. That was an extra one, thrown in for free.

Just can't help myself sometimes..

I doubt I can make it but what a fantasic place to meet. Not only is there Fischli and Weiss (which is ace) but there is also the slides at the moment. A five story slide or a four story one with a near vertical bit.
I've only been on the little one but I can't wait to go back and go on the big ones. woo.

I think slides before cake might be safer.

Guscasas, hell, why not.

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