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I am gonna be in NY playing some shows with my band so might be able to make it! Sounds great..

Ze frank is from NY, Perhaps he know of a decent venue?!http://www.zefrank.com/bagelworld/bw.html

Just an idea


We're also doing one in Toronto this Friday. If anyone is nearby and interested, the details are here:


I'd be up for Portland. Don't know what's on my home improvement agenda for Saturday, so any possibility of an early Friday could also work if there's some flexibility... I'd be a "maybe" for Saturday.

Planners discover Matt Jones. The world has truly turned on its head...

RD - B'fast Saturday sounds great... Where?

how about byways?

That works. What time?

Or did you want to do more of a cafe coffee place, like Stumptown on SW 3rd and Ash?

Definitely yes for the NY one!

Me and Malcolm Russell are up for the NY one too.

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