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So, you won then?

Russell - well done - I am loading the pics up on Holycow now - ready in 20 mins...

Cracking show today. Are you going to post the video?

thanks Ben. I was thinking of posting the video but I'm not sure if the video will be much use on its own, without me jabbering infront of it.

What do you think?

They're up now folks - but the quality of the pics is truly appauling - sorry! I tried to give a resume of what the whole thing was about but I know I have missed out loads. Anyway - hope this shows some of what it was like.



It'll be useful to those who saw it live. I'd like to see it again. You can probably trust the bloggers to fill in some of the gaps for you, or maybe not!

I wonder if the value of being charming is overlooked in interaction design.

The concept of friendliness, of charm, is so ingrained into our notion of what good face to face or even telephone service is - why don't we make more room for it on the web?

A great example, I think, is the experience of using Wordpress - you really sense that there are people there trying to make it easier for you to manage your blog.

does anybody know if somebody posted trevor materials or wrote about his talk in more detail? If you do, could you be kind enough to send me a link? Cheers.

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