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It's a great idea Russell. Props to you for following through with this. Follow-through is woefully underrated, not only in the Ad/marketing business—but life in general. We should all make good on what we say we are going to do.

Thats really nice. May I suggest Beauity and Aesthetics 2.0 from No Man's Land Blog:


I nominate:

"the future of brands and planning"


I would like to nominate two posts.

The first one is the orignal Jon Howard post which germinated into the Post Of The Month idea. Though Jon's own contribution to that post was little in terms of words, it is colossal as an idea. As the blogosphere expands exponentially, the kind of "Reader's Digest" post that Jon compiled are what will keep it functional and useful.


The second post I want to nominate is my own. It is an exploration of the possible evolutionary path that blogging is taking us planners on.


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