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Sitting in a cafe for 12 hours is easy for us. Hell, they kicked us out last week ... but I think that was down to Emily's raucous behaviour ;)

So many coffee mornings around the world. I think Marcus and I should try this again in munich.

Portland info: Coffee Time. 712 NW 21st Ave. 9am.

Sydney have started a wave:

ta for comment over at 'goggles russell.

the northern planning summits are now being organised via google calendar. you may find it easier to do your coffee mornings that way too - easier to manage and publicise [though lose that serendipity i guess...]

Hey, Russell:

We started one in Chicago. It's happening on Friday, November 17 at 8:00 AM at the Intelligentsia at 53 E. Randolph St.

The permanent address for this function is http://exitcreative.net/chicagocoffee/


- Clay

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