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I've been out all day and got back to 75 emails, which I thought made me unusually popular.

I then realised 40 of them were from you.

40?? When you said record number, I was thinking 15, 20.

Can't wait to see the results!

Take that for a pitch!!!... Can you imagine a client selecting between 40 campaigns??. Though work for Simon.

Russell, it´s awesome what you have achieved with the APSotW, thanks for letting us be part of it.

simon, there's more on their way.

I wonder if you've had so many entries because of the standard of judging of the previous assignment? (Just a thought.)

I love this stuff!!!!!

We're up to about 50 now.

And each entry has 10 propositions.

Which means, let me get my calculator, that there's about 500 propositions to look through.

If I can be bothered, I might do a league table of the most common areas/themes that emerge.

But probably not.

Could somebody please tell me russel's email address, its quite urgent?

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