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We're not bored of hearing what you have to say about brands and advertising Russell but can completely see where you are coming from....

So, now that is out of the way, what should we talk about? I've got a few recipes...

Good thing, i think that we, the people who works in marketing, adevertising and commnunication…sometimes sounds like a broken record player.
Brands, brands, and more brands…

it´s a passion, but doesn´t mean tha will be an obssesion…!

it´s time to talk about other things: like music, like maths, like culture, about crissmax…jajajajaja!

Now, that makes two pledges and this one isnt very incremental unless you break it into 'a bit less going on about brands every day...? ;J

I think it's a really good idea. Unfortunately I have enough trouble remembering to vaguely talk about brands once in a while, being distracted by every news article or other issue I come across.

Lots of people come here to talk and think about brands. Maybe we can still chat about that, but under the cover of your posts on anything else under the sun. It could be like chatting in cafes under Stalin, perhaps we will use coded langauge; instead of brand we could say bananas...


I'd like to hear more from Arthur. He stays away from the brand stuff.

Yes. More Arthur, less hotel TV.

Hopefully you can still snick in a quick post of the month for Nov?

A client has nudged me into a bit of pro bono work for a charity, doing street interviews on HIV awareness. Talk about right sizing the ego.

how about we spend a bit of time on thought. It is after all what we do for a living... first lets chat about how long it takes to make a thought. Then when we've tired with that we can bring in the CPAs and figure out how long it "should" take to make a thought and about how much a solid good ole thought ought to cost. join us at http://tommartin.typepad.com/positive_disruption/2006/11/thinking_though.html

Glad to hear (and re-visit) Master Darth Strategist,

Sorry, i've been away on Nar Shadda for a bit, trying to locate Lando. Such are the trials for an outcast.

As always, refreshing to see your new posts - Not certain if you saw this, but seems you are prescient about the "global small business" bit.

i hear you on that...i think that's why i mostly post about things like boots i just bought. no one cares what i think about the Sony Bravia commercial or whatever, not even me.

it's good to take a break!

This is healthy. Do normal people ever talk about brands? I doubt it.

Reminds me of the Viz cartoon about the bloke who was gutted because Midland Bank changed to HSBC just after he had tattooed the old Griffen logo on his chest.

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