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When I used to work as an Account Exec for an ad agency we would take an elderly creative (been at the agency lots of years) along to new business pitches. As the client talked about his ideas the creative would illustrate his/her concepts with rough scamps done with magic markers. The client was so fascinated at seeing his/her ideas come to life that we almost always got the business. Then the creative retired and no-one else in the studio knew how to draw with magic markers.

stefan is brilliant.

Hi Russell,

My name is Sheira and I am Asi's wife (No Man's Blog). I am working for a Research company called Link Consumer Strategies and we have expensive experience with using internet for reserch, ethnography, and international research. So it would be great to here more about it!

Wow! That's awesome

So talented. And how on earth does he write so neat upside down!?


It looks like he uses a straw to blow out the ink. Thanks for the find Russell.

Goodness, what are those things he's using,…are they from Adobe?…
Lovely… I'm inspired.

I don't think that inky-blowing technique has a name. Stefan?

Good morning. Thank you for the kind post, Russell, and thank you for all the nice comments that are coming in by way of response. The inky blowy technique does have a name---it's Reinhold. I've otherwise known it as "blown ink," but I'd also accept "winds of chance" or "creative gas." If Adobe offers anything like it, I'm not aware of it. It's just sumi ink, straws, Sharpies and Faber-Castell "PITT artist pens": http://www.dickblick.com/zz207/59/

I love Andrew's story of the Magic Marker account exec. I used to do that in meetings when I first started out and almost always made the sale, too. Then I stopped, for some reason. I think becuase it was drilled into me that good concepts emerge only after days and days of creative labor. Which is just not true. The best stuff I do usually just pops up right away. So maybe I should go back to sketching in meetings. Thank you, Andrew.

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