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great performance. interesting, random etc. and i agree, tho i'm wondering if 'make me think' is a reaction to a lot of what you hear about popular culture i.e. dumbing down, about trad wed usability stuff [yet like how usable is myspace!] and a lot of stuff in design and planning about 'simplifying' which is so often patronising to its audience? or if it's always been that way? that's all.

This is really terrific stuff Russell (and Jeffre) thanks so much for sharing it.

That's fantastic.

(And I'm going to use "Shakira and Shakespeare" every day from now on.)

love interestingness.

Great stuff. I think it's about time to start up ask a jeffre, or maybe ze jeffre, something like that... :)

I also was just able to post it to YouTube (http://www.conformistsunite.com/?p=341) ..but for some reason only the version without the nice intro (had the same problem with sound cutting out)

dear emily and russell,
i downloaded it.
it has a problem.
quicktime closes it at one point.if you rewind it, pass the critical point then it gets to the end.
maybe that's why it had a problem with the sound.
but indeed.so good.

I could listen to Jeffre all day long. He could do his blog in videos, he talks so beautifully. (Is that what Paul M means?)

very captivating. I like the slight head-tilt. I think that contributes to the interestingness in a weird way. Like he's just about to say something slightly off, in a clever way. And don't apologize for the format, it's good to see something non-youTube once in a while. Yes, it's come to that.

Oh, and Russell, sorry if I send you 20 trackbacks to this thing. Not sure if it happened, but if indeed, it wasn't all that malicious...

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