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I want coffee morning to have an identity

Anyone in Buenos Aires who wants to start one with me?

we're going to get one up and running in Denver. we'll be a small but determined group. i'll let you know when it happens.

i'm meeting with another planner here this Friday to talk about how we're going to get it to happen, how we'll get the word out, etc. Denver is wanting to be a respected ad town, it just needs some hard work.

I'm in NY office this week so we're trying to sort out the where and when within the Tribeca area for a coffee morning this Friday. Any suggestions?

Thanks Russell. This helps a lot. We're alos listed on Upcoming.org:


FYI, the next likemind cofee meetups are happening this Friday, December 1st at sNice in NY and Cafe de la Presse in SF.

"Is it a sure-fire way to speed things up / When all it does is slow me down..."

The SHS boys will be at Coffee Girls representing Kansas City this Friday.

How about PDX? Your home away from home, eh Russell?

Thanks Mark - that makes life easier. See you there.

Hi Russell, are you coming to centroamerica?
If your english is like my english…don´t worry, if you need help "con el español", just write to me!

Anyone up for Amsterdam on Monday. Somewhere in the Jordaan?

Buenos Aires, I heard? Yeah, I'm in (Tiffany, can't email you cos'I have no idea how to set up Lotus notes on this PC)

Hi Carito :) I can't seem to email you either... (showing the world how untechy I am)
Want to go to my flickr and email me from there?

How about coffee in Palermo next week?

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