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That Ben http://noisydecentgraphics.typepad.com gets everywhere.

Thanks for the plug Russell - appreciate it.

Yeah Flickr would be a good [possibly better] alternative, but that would be far to sensible wouldn't it, ha!

In all seriousness, I am hoping people will contribute their 'deductions' about any trends they believe the photos show - and then we can evaluate the consensus opinion by day/week/year - or until the Hotel Association sue us for scarying away their guests. It could be rubbish, it could be interesting - but I reckon it's worth an exploration.

And Davidthedesigner ... has it dawned on you that it is me, Rob, who gets everywhere - including Ben's blog, not the other way round! Mind you, who the hell would actually want to admit to that as their silhouette.

Most classic moment of mine with a hotel board: while working on a Unilever account, at a large convention hotel, the leader board screamed in huge red electronic letters:


This is how we learned that part of the account would be going up for review. Ah, memories.

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Genius ... abit like applying for a new job then finding out its the job you already have!

I used to work in hotels. One of my jobs was to go around to all of the nearby hotels and note down all the meeting details from the lobby conference notice boards so that we could.....liberate their customers.

I was not a welcome person. It'll be interesting to see how this project is received by the conference venues.

That sounds a cool job ... international hotel espionage. The James Bond of Hospitality.

Given we're not trying to steal anything - maybe they'll be OK with it, but it all depends on how annoying the people taking the photos are I suppose ...

Still, lets give it a go ... I/we do lots of alternate 'research' methods and so far, it's been bloody rewarding. Fingers crossed.

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