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This is great stuff. I love the fact that it shows you work (process) as something dynamic and continuous (not to mention that is always interesting to be the fly on the wall of someone else's life).

I like them a lot - there seems to be loads of motion blur yet there's no one in any of the pictures - reminds me of perhaps a scruffy Gregory Crewsdon. Eeiry but more eeiry because of the lack of people.

I don't think you need to get better. These are pretty sweet. And they're a great alternative to the flat world in point-and-shoot digital pictures.

Yeah. Nice.

really nice.

Analogue Rocks!

Far from spoiling the picture, the writing on the back could be part of the art!

Maybe the fact that you're doing long exposures means that the colour temperature of the lights in the room is having a bigger effect.

Were the lights in the first place mostly fluorescent (eg energy saving), and the other place traditional, because the first are bluer.

Interesting. I love slr photos.

Just reading this article on Polaroid's branding and packaging recomended on Noisy Decent Graphics (i think)


I've still maintained a preference for non-digital cameras. Digital is great for instant gratification, but there is nothing better than the depth allowed by developing your film and playing with your own photos. Great work!

What a novel idea!

Good stuff! Polaroid has weird reciprocity effects, so if it crosses a (time) threshold it will go from blue to yellow. That and the color temp of the lights.

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