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Paul McEnany gets my vote for this: http://heehawmarketing.typepad.com/hee_haw_marketing/2006/10/next_time_whisp.html

transmedia post by Faris and Leo Burnett



I second mikes nomination for Jason Oke's transmedia post.

I'd like to nominate my own post : "Footnotes to : the tyranny of the big idea."


This one from a brilliant Planner Dan Ng in Miami gets my vote. Beautifully simple. http://cubemate.blogs.com/cubemate/2006/08/the_basics.html

It has to be "web design is 95% typography for me"

Although that's probably a bit geeky for everyone else.

I'd like to nominate my post on Pret from Jon's October list, as it talks about the role of PEOPLE in brand building:


I second Paul's nomination. Less is more.

Well as a student, I don’t know if my nomination is valid, Ill support for Mike selection about transmedia post by Faris and Leo Burnett/CA

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