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I have several packets of those Yellow Arrow jobbies that I had sent over from the states.

I'm repeatedly extolling their virtues (and that of the geographic web) to clients, although have yet to stick one anywhere myself.

It is just that they seem too complex to use. Especially for the receiving user who won't necessarily have the background knowledge. You feel that your ultimate effort will be wasted. And that's not what information sharing should be about.

Thanks for sharing your research on these apps Russell.

I've been looking for something that lets me tag a google map on the fly, and lets me then publish the map to my website. Google maps mobile is great for creating a personalized map on my mobile, but doesn't (yet) have the functionality to export the data. Plazes and Zonetag sound promising though -I'm going to look into those.

If anyone knows of any other apps, please let me know!

Hey Adrian,
There are a few more geographical apps that were on display at Sonar this year. I blogged about them here - complete with links.

Just look under Russell's entry on the same blog ;-)


Thanks, I found this really useful too as I've been trying to get something similar going for Nothing To See Here, but only got so far with Google Maps. I'm looking for something similar to Adrian and also want the tags to link to NTSH and not whatever site the map's being pulled from. I'll have a look at the suggestions and would be glad to hear any more tips too.

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