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"Technology is the name we give to stuff that doesn't work properly yet."

For my part, I've always had the opposite problem with this nomenclature. I’ve always used “technology” to denote any tool whatsoever, be it physical or abstract. Especially in reference to abstract tools, I get a lot of confused looks when I use that term. I seem to have the same problem with the word, “art,” which I define as the result of the use of any technology. A definition, which accepted would, as Nietzsche suggests, make us all better artists than that for which we give ourselves credit.

In Chicago we have a flag. When I first moved here a few years back, ever having seen city flags before, I thought it was ridiculous. For a long time I didn't even know what it was or what it meant.

Wikipedia has a nice entry on the Chicago flag, which apparently, according to the North American Vexillological Association (NAVA), is the 2nd-best American city flag, of which there are 150.

So, thanks! Before you wrote that I had no idea there were 150 city flags in the US, that Chicago is the 2nd-best city flag, and that Vexillology is the study of flags.

For the NAVA study, go here: http://www.nava.org/Flag%20Design/city_survey.htm

Number 83, Plano, TX is pretty awesome. 79: Tampa, FLA is sweet, as is #51, Salem, OR. But the best of the best is Provo, UT at #143.

I feel like city flag design...well, it could stand to be improved.

Ohh, they have a guide to flag design. This gets better.



My ambition is for London to declare independence from the UK and become a city state with direct affiliation to the EU.

London has very little in common with the rest of the country and to add insult to injury bankrolls the provinces - time to sever the ties.

So we will need a flag and an anthem. Incidentally I proposed this in a pitch to Capital Radio suggesting that they position themselves as London's national radio station. We lost to the songmeisters at DLKW.

Perhaps my fellow Londoners are a little behind the curve on this one.

Incidentally we now have an identity if not a flag in One London.

Ha, I studied abroad at Queens College Oxford during the summer of 2002. We had 2 courses, "British Colonial Africa" and "British Contributions to the Science of Medicine."

The latter was far less depressing!

Anyways, we went to see the "pump" on Broadwick and had a pint at the tribute pub.

For more on Snow: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Snow_%28physician%29

The coincidence here is that I was forced to read "The Double Helix" in that course. And as many of you know, one of my heroes and perhaps yours, Jon Steel, is a big proponent of "The Double Helix."

The City of London has a flag, but the conurbation as a whole doesn't. I did find a collection of various various flags of the City and other councils. Personally I quite like the inability to flagwave. I prefer pride in London to be a nice, quiet thing.

On a tangent, if London was to become independent within the EU, as richard suggests, where would you draw the border? Wouldn't it be inconvenient to have to leave the city to get to an airport (both Gatwick and Stansted, let alone Luton, are outside the M25 and the control of the GLA)? I can see the attraction of the idea but I really don't see it working.

I am just waiting for Australia to get its own flag ... not likely to make it in time for the Olympics unfortunately ;)

The technology quote is fantastic ... it reminds us that while we need to THINK and differentiate an experience, it cannot be incorported as part of our lived life.

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