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This is probably the first time I've posted anything on your blog Russell (pardon me if a stranger calling you by your first name sounds too overfamiliar and Indian) but I'm a budding planner and have oceans of respect for you.

Anyways, I love Point 3 in your list. Simply because that's me too! I hate beer, I used to drink but consciously gave it up, have never smoked a cigarette or taken any drugs and this year, when I arrived in Indonesia I was worried about my list of vices too so I decided to go to a strip club! If you can call it a vice, that is.


Nice band Whizz for atoms! You'll find the whole album at emusic.com! I've downloaded it all, I have a couple of friends here in Mexico who is a encyclopedia of every group from 80's! It made me recall that soft 80's sound. Good one Russ.

Hi Russel,

Although I never commented on your blog I did (dare... in a way, to) tag you last week as well. But of course it was discreet in a way. Glad to read your 5 things, Russel. : )
By the way... I love your Polaroids, really.

Classic 80s drum sound you got there. Aesthetic reminds me of Thomas Dolby.

I tagged you without telling you. I keep coming back and read every word of your blog, learn from them.
Great to know more about you.

Five things about me:
- I copied all my high school exams and helped my friends copy too, eventually they got more marks than me
- I bit Blacky (our Black Lab which died long back)on his tail at 3, who in-turn bit me back and I still carry those marks on my left hand
- After watching 'Conan The Destroyer,' I fought with my cousin and broke her head. Her Mom still reminds me that.
- Got slapped by a mid-aged woman while I was researching for a Lingerie brand, asked her "what's your cup size?' without telling her the background
- I suck as a planner

OMG someone else who can't drink beer!!!

Am i alone in feeling less manly, especially when visiting Germany?

Screw them, i can down a crapload more vodka.

Love your blog.


Your number 5 makes the world seem a brighter place. How lovely that you would do that. Any pictures?

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