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For passion and style it's hard to beat this by Beeker...


I think the scariest post must win : May i propose this one? http://lifeinthemiddle.typepad.co.uk/life_in_the_middle/2006/11/scary_moi.html#comments

I could pick anything from Kathy Sierra any time, probably. But this a real gem. Funny, useful, inspiring. As usual.


(But then there's also this, which I also loved...

http://headrush.typepad.com/creating_passionate_users/2006/11/the_zone_of_exp )

Wonderful, I've been reading Amateur Gourmet for years! He is wonderful, and I'm glad he is getting recognition from a non food blogger. Also, Lee is amazing. very inspiring guy.

i rather like the style and sentiment of this:

maybe rich's 'what do advertising agencies do daddy'


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