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PaulC's name appears three times on this ballot.

That's not even allowed in Congo. Or Florida.

I fear total world domination of red socks before spring.

I just watched todays Zefrank, he talks about the relationship the viewer has with him, breaking 4th wall, possible 5th wall?, divorcing the audience and stuff......Well, the comments in these posts become part of the overall experience they integrate and alter the original actual thing created. I guess like barnacles on a whale...In judging posts are we un/consciously judging the comments as well? Just a thought!

Who is responsible for nominating 'Youtubers' for post of the month?

Or is it nominated, as Richard suggests, for the debate it generated?

I think I got the youtubers nomination from someone in an email. They were having technical commenting difficulties.

Who is responsible for nominating the post from 'An Idea a Day'? Oh yeah - no one.

Paul, don't tempt fate like that.

Who voted for scary moi?

I am a little upset that the answer dancer hasn't made it into the nominations. Is it too late to enter it now?

Or are you saving it for post of the year?

Does low fidelity post belong to December post?

oh bugger yes. low fidelity is December. Damn. My complex compliance systems seems to have gone awry. Let's just pretend it was November. sorry.

Ugh. Voting on these posts is impossible. It is like the Oscars or so many other awards, where really picking "the best" is laughable. Especially because this is a "planning blog" and they therefore can be about ANYTHING. I am sure this has been expressed before, but how does one compare posts on planning as a function, blogging as a culture, and truffle-eating as a farce? And then pick the BEST. Great posts, all of them. Thanks for doing this Russell.

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