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Love the second one. If I remember rightly, if you take a shot with your camera that you like and might want a lab to blow up, quickly tear open the bit of the polaroid that you'd normally through away. Inside you'll find a sheet of film-like material covered in toxic crap (mind your hands). Quickly rinse it under a tap till the crap has gone: viola! Large format negative! A guy on my foundation course a milion years ago used to do that all the time. He's now an excellent photographer for the NME and others called James Looker. Actually, his name was James Looker back then, but you know what I mean.

The second one is ace. Looks like a cubist painting.

They're great. There's a Japanese artist who's name escapes me who deep fries and boils her photos.

Your polaroid is up on www.postcardpolaroid.com by the way.

Second one, very Kandinsky. Love it.

Polaroid postcard is excellent!

emulsion lift anyone?

You know, you could make a living out of your polaroid works : Stephanie Schneider (here the link on LUMAS :http://www.lumas.de/?id=618&type=0&wid=502&artist=30 )is pushing this principle further : She shoots on old polaroid cartridges (past their sell-by-date) and blow up the result on 16inchx16 : it's arresting. Go on check her work.

personally I prefer the first one but then again I'm stuck in a Sofitel at Brussles airport and slipping ino insomnia

Hey, I meant to say "into" and "Brussels". This insomnia is hell on the spelling

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