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Speech is good. You don't hear the spelling errors.

This is such an exciting idea. Bloggers will really rise the occasion so you'll start to see lots of interesting new forms, techniques etc. and there'll be a 'race to the top' in terms of quality. I'd love to see this happen.

Nice post Russell. Isn't about time Radio 4 and 3 got some competition? Fed
up with the safe, predictable output of the BBC? Where you gonna go? You are
right that its currently hard to find much speech radio that isn't made by
the BBC. The reason for this, well it can be expensive to make and
commercial stations certainly don't want to use their advertising revenue on
making some interesting thought provoking stuff when they could just
automate all of their output.

It is so exciting that C4 are entering the speech radio sector. For years
I've been thinking we need another type of radio station. A radio station
that will take a few chances with its output. I really hope this happens.
There are so many creative speech radio producers out there that currently
have no home for their ideas.

Podcasting is having a big impact on the traditional ideas of broadcast
radio. Sound is sexy again (thanks iPod) and I think (hope) brands are
tapping into this. Wanna get your message inside their heads? Use a
podcast, but don't think in terms of traditional radio adverts - create
something people will search out and share with friends, in short, make it

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