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I haven't read about those names since 1st year English.

Adorno's Culture Industry term also makes for fascinating reading:


and: http://www.marxists.org/reference/archive/adorno/1944/culture-industry.htm

Good article. It's a shame the pomos were such terrible writers, some of their ideas are very interesting. Stephen Brown is very good (and very funny) on Postmodern Marketing - http://www.sfxbrown.com/

Great article - good crack indeed.

Am I allowed to like the fact that Marxist academic types have helped contribute to the rampant commercialism we see today?

I still think that next to Morgan, Steel, Grant, Judith Cortjens, Feldwick et al - every planners'book shelf should have a copy of Jean Baudrillard's "The Consumer Society: Myths and Structures" ... err and maybe also La Rochefoucauld's "Maxims" :)

Modern consumerism often feeds on the desire to rebel (or at least assert one's identity...) A nice read that eleborates on this idea is Nation of Rebels: Why Counterculture Became Consumer Culture by Joseph Heath, Andrew Potter. More crack...

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