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If you're hoping to pass the time reading Ben's thing then I'd fix yourself a stiff drink, could be a long day.

I think he must have fallen asleep writing it. Nothing's been posted for 3 hours.

must be a difficult meeting. The client probably want to make the logo bigger.

I'm curious to how you managed to get all your delieveries organised for one specific day - that's good work. I guess the day isn't over yet, but what are the likelyhood of the driver 'getting lost', 'being late' or just crap in general, which means that half of it will arrive tomorrow instead?
Oh, London life...

well, most of them are things that have already failed to be delivered so they ask for a date for redelivery. And I had to pick a date sufficiently far in the future that I wasn't going to be working. And then it made sense to have everything else come that same day.

Not much has actually arrived yet though.

You should have mystically arranged for your boiler, washing machine and phone line to all pack up by today. Now that would have beaten the system.

that's a good idea. I might go and give the boiler a kicking now. see if I can get it to break.

Oi, comment on my blog, on my blog. Bastards.

Ben's just told me that nothing exciting is going to happen today and it's therefore OK for me to go out. Is there anything I can get for you (I'm going to the Post Office and will maybe call into the farm shop to get some eggs - see I'm not just round the corner)?

Very kind of you Dave but don't worry. Anne'll be home soon and Richard Huntington's on his way round so I can interview him for a podcast.

Mind you some stamps would be handy...

David, I could do with some ciggies.

First of all, you get nothing at all if you call me Dave (well, apart from a thick ear maybe).

Anyway, you missed me. I've posted the letter, got the eggs and even managed to walk the South Downs Way (not all of it, obviously).

And Marcus, I'm a vegetarian - I don't buy ciggies.

Oops. Sorry Mr Thedesigner. A lazy assumption on my part. I think I've gone a little stir crazy.

Our plumber didn't turn up today. Was he round at yours, by any chance? Recording a podcast?

why is it that plumbers are always late or non-shows? i just dont get it.

do they have poor time management? are they so thorough that their eye for detail leaves them going over time? do they over book their jobs in case their clients aren't home? are they punks?

David, don't vegetarian's smoke? Ever?

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