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Thank you very much for taking so much time to do this. Especially giving feedback to each entry.
I think it was worth the time: this gives a great overlook over the different ideas... and you practically see those that really stand out.
The sum of all entries and comments make the drill worthwhile.
thx, jonathan

Russell -- thanks for the feedback and for what its worth, this is totally worth doing! whether we suck, excel, or as in this case, are just OK, its very healthy to hear that, as well as have an idea why.

im a bit of a newb around here, 3 projects under my belt, but i can say, that in that time, these assignments have challenged me to think differently.

hopefully, thats a win for you.

Thanks for finding the time to feedback. I still wonder how you do that!

Have to chime in on above comments. It's fantastic of you to take the time to do this. Seeing all the other entries AND your comments make this very worthwhile and educative. thanks!

Russell... you're far too kind for all this work. Thank you for the feedback, and all the time you spent!

I'm startled by the sameness among all of these! It really makes the interesting ideas stand out from the rest. I suppose if you put these in some excel sheet and de-duped them you'd have some pretty good stuff to start with.

And I wonder if there's some maple syrup exec wading through these for a good idea or two.

You know, it's interesting to me the amount of times you've used "evocative" when describing ones you liked. Seems that the ones that were carefully crafted (given that each word makes a big difference) to really create instantaneous sensation were the most successful. And after looking at the ones you called evocative, it wasn't like they came from the pages of the thesaurus...simply, powerfully worded=success, or so it seems.

Yes, thank you Russell for taking the time to comment on all our entries individually and put them up.

I think all the reasons Richard (Adliterate.com) gave for why blogging is good for planning apply to why the APSotW is worth doing as well. I know I've gained tremendously not just in doing the exercises myself, but also seeing how others do them.


wow, i cannot believe you actually took the time to critique each individual entry! your time is greatly, greatly appreciated.

thanks much.

You're a rare find Russell.

Thanks for your time


Hey you are great, that shows professionalism. I'll do my best in the next assignment.


U are one of a kind. Hats off to you. Truly a great inspiration wish i were 50% of you

Take care


As the other colleagues-on-line I am trully thankful for taking time! Inspiring and motivational as well as useful! Muchas gracias Rus! saludos al resto de la bandera!

There's not enough words to say how thankful we all are for you doing this. To have the chance of sharing our thoughts and receiving your feedback about it it's an unvaluable thing.


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