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Sky and Star Test - now you're talking.

You could have done the interview here. Downstairs in the quiet bit.

I LOVED Star Test. And might have forgotten it forever if you'd not remembered it.

Didn't French and Saunders do a great spoof of Star Test a while back? I seem to remember Dawn French pretending to be Sonia and just going 'Er..' and 'Dunno' in a cod Scouse accent and giggling.
I really liked Sky Magazine, although I can only remember the 'Jay Strongman in Clubland' column because to a 15 year old growing up in Lancashire it sounded cool.....

Love the interviews that you post, but would it be possible to get these as downloadable MP3 files so that a little time shifting can take place? I realise it can be costly to host this kind of stuff so I'm willing to offer a bit of space on my server if that would sway you.

Sorry Jim, I forgot about the direct MP3 link - I've added it now. I might have forgotten it on some others too, I'll check. Glad you like 'em.

Groovy baby. By the way, do you have a category that specifically hosts the posts that include MP3 files or do these gems have to be diligently mined?

Russell -- Wyatt's first blog. He thinks your blog is cool, so I told him I share his with you. It's about toys. But he wants to attract adults to his blog as well, so he has thrown in a stock chart. Nicely balancing art and commerce. I think he's on his way to a career as a designer. Have a look. PS -- he did the blog on his own. i'm so proud.


their attitude between bluring content and paid spots was slightly confusing to me, but the sound quality was great. the muzak in the background was an added bonous...

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