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Have you considered interviewing Dan Hill for a podcast?

wow - the chip has to be the most aesthetically pleasing of all the footy skills .

reminds me of watching Leeds. sort of...


Certainly doesn't remind me of watching Brighton, and i feel all the better for it!

It's beautiful isn't it. The sheer economy of movement and timing enables the disguise and the surprise. Sometimes he doesn't even break stride and deploy any kind of conventional backlift at all - just times his run onto the ball such that his foot meets the ball to create the chip intrinsically somehow. As if he'd plotted the colliding trajectories from 30 metres back. I've just finished a great book about the 'No 10' position by Richard Williams. Puskas, Zidane, Bergkamp, Maradona, Rivera, Baggio, Pele, Francescoli etc. All fantastic, and beautifully described by Williams. Ortega gets a brief mention as one who didn't make the cut.

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