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Not sure about those matching stripey jumpers. If this look catches on it could easily become the planners' very own 'pens in the pocket' type style statement.

It should be a very lucky year indeed, at least if you believe in Chines folklore, as it is the Year of the Golden Pig.

Many Koreans believe that 2007 will be the most prosperous year for 600 years and the government has forecast a rise in the birth rate of 10% as a result!


Hi Sarah! I'd lost your details, now I have them back again...

Great coffee & chat, had to leave early owing to matching jumper situation.

Later on that day I picked up a copy of the evening standard which had a full on daily mail style rant about ethical purchasing and air travel, so one of our predictions looks spot on.

Also been thinking about the "channel neutral" agency, sounds better than integrated....

Sounds like a good event.. will have to come along soon and get one of those badges (especially if there are only 5 left).

I'll be able to make next weeks, if one is going on.

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