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The next Northern Planning Summit coffee morning thingy (actually Beer Evening if I'm being honest) is scheduled for this coming Thursday (18th) in Leeds. More info at almostalwaysthinking and Northern Planner. Everyone welcome.

You need a bigger venue Russell. Go park. Go flask. Go tartan rug.

Has Coffee Morning hit Tipping Point?

Russell, thanks for the mention and link to the Edinburgh Coffee Morn.

For any Edinburghers interested there's more about it here:
(Hope the longish url fits. It's looking a bit dodgy in my preview window.)


How about a coffee morning / museum visit? There's an Alan Fletcher retrospective at the Design Museum until Feb 18th...

how 'bout a coffee morning in barcelona?

i am a french strategic planner with 12 years experience and i have invited 30 000 people in advertising, communication, and creation to "the end of world" as we know it thursday jan 25th in Paris at the movie theatre "le REX": http://lesaperosdujeudi.pourquoitucours.fr/?num=86
Indeed, i think we needed a signal to know that it's time to switch. 4 events in the following months will unrol what's new, relevant and exiting to do now : www.lesaperosdujeudi.com.
Lesaperosdujeudi are thursday afterwork parties : fun, smart, glam.
Do you want to join ?
jeremy dumont directeur de pourquoitucours


Any kiwis up for a coffee-morning situation?

I'm probably gonna be here (Auckland) until the end of this year, so let´s get together and feel allright.

The Edinburgh Coffee Morning passed off very well. Whether it's clear enough for folk that this can be a weekly occurrence is another question. In London do you have very different folk each week?

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