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"Alas poor Warrick" and "Gruesome Grissom" my favourite ever CSI lines.

I guess Nike are pretty up there on the whole crossover thing - just came across these - Playstation Air Force Ones!!


Not really brands (or are they?, are superheroes brands?)
The Marvel Universe is a great example of how stories and characters can cross-reference.

Spiderman might make a guest-appearence in Thor and Thor might show up in The Avengers. More, they might even show up in different historical time periods. There's more on this in Douglas Rushkoffs excellent Children of Chaos.

I watched the next hour which was a crossover taking Miami up to New York... think what would have happened if they had amalgamated the two plots into one episode.. that would have been a spaghetti crossover. How can we get tonight's Waking the Dead into it?

And let us not forget Love Boat and Fantasy Island. Though not sure if they shared plots or just B grade actors.

Video games are doing it :
Disney characters meet Squaresoft one's (Final fantasy..) in Kingdom Hearts.

I love the fact that the guy wears his shades in the dark. Most watched show in the world apparently!

Never mind his shades, how is it Caruso always gives the impression (by relaying a pithy comment with hands on hips before the starting credits) that he's already solved the case like a ginger Columbo, and the rest of them are supposed to catch up with him?

Holby City and Casualty did a cross over once (I don't watch either, of course - I'm always out on the razz on those nights - I must have just read it somewhere....)

Favourite crossover ever: the characters Randolph and Mortimer from Trading Places making an appearance as down-and-outs in Eddie Murphy's 'Coming to America'. Prince Akeem hands two tramps a big bundle of cash; they turn out to be the guys Murphy and Dan Akroyd screwed over in Trading Places. "Mortimer...we're back!"

Regarding Camberwick/Trumpton/Chigley cross-over, PC McGarry the village policeman in Camberwick Green, was actually Trumpton's policeman and was a familiar face throughout the administrative district of Trumptonshire until excessive paperwork and the amalgamation of several police forces left him disillusioned. He started his own business selling security grilles to insecure shopkeepers, until he became the fourth victim of Dr. Mopp's killing spree.

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