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I'm busy writing our next Dossier and listening to this.

It's not brilliant but it's better than Steve Wright.

Nice. Still haven't played with the plankton, but I did come across this the other day:

The reactable - a multi-user electronic music instrument with a tabletop tangible user interface. Several simultaneous performers share complete control over the instrument by moving physical objects on a luminous table surface. By moving and relating these objects, representing components of a classic modular synthesizer, users can create complex and dynamic sonic topologies, with generators, filters and modulators, in a kind of tangible modular synthesizer or graspable flow-controlled programming language. More here: http://mtg.upf.edu/reactable/

I love that game. I got it from Japan when it first launched.

I also know a guy who did a gig using just a drum machine and electroplankton!

Just tripped over this file on my cluttered desktop. A pretty good candles and incense effort :)

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