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Hunkin is a genius. My honeymoon was strategically planned so that I could mess about with his machines on Southwold Pier. He also built a really clever water clock further up the pier, and you can buy a book of his experiments in the arcade itself. I reckon Arthur would love it. And you would too (seeing as the pier has a good cafe that serves ebcb).

I think he also collated The Rudiments Of Wisdom into a book called Almost Everything There Is To Know. You can find it on eBay or Amazon every now and then. When I get stuck for stuff to write at work I often spend 10 minutes with the big Hunkin book. Helps to re-energise the mind.

Thanks Russell - not someone I'd come across before.

Russell, your counter says you've had over 1 million - vistors? hits? Still, what a stupendous achievement. Congratulations.

This stuff reminds of a cool commercial for BMW. It´s also about a Kinetic Engineer. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a7Ny5BYc-Fs

Oh no - I was in Walberswick on Boxing Day - so close yet so far.

Russell. I think you would also enjoy Jon Kessler's work. He is an impressive artist who happens to also be in a band with the (late, great) Robert Longo. This is Kessler's site: http://www.jonkessler.com/. Check into the Archive. Kessler shows at Deitch Projects in NYC, so if your ever there, stop by. Take care....

Every year we spend a week of vacation in Southwold and always visit pier. Not surprisingly, our 3 year old loves the clock (so do I). Thanks for the Hunkin info.

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