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Wow! General Jumbo - I'd completely forgotten about him, and about how amazing his world was. I could never fathom whether it would actually be humanly possible to control all of the little soldiers and machines of war with just one remote control device though. Mind you, it probably beats juggling the array of remotes I currently have scattered across my coffee table.

Good luck with the water / electricity experiments.

I remember reading Valiant annuals that we'd buy from church jumble sales and those General jumbo stories being in them. Fantastic.

At the risk of your other half coming across the Atlantic to personally throttle me - have you ever looked into the X10 stuff for controlling your lights etc. remotely via RF?


I can login to my house via the web and control the lights etc. My thermostat even has a serial plug for when I decide to add it to the system.

I love it, my wife just shakes her head.

Talking of delivering food by model train... When I first came to the States there was a place on 3rd Ave in the twenties that did Subs (Sandwiches on a roll)The guy behind the counter would pass your order to the kitchen on a microphone. "Fire One" Salami!
etc. Then a hatch would open with a toot and a train with smoke coming out of the chimney would deliver your sub. When you took the plate off the carriage, it would toot again, then go back to the kitchen.
Then there was "The Fire House" where the waitress would deliver your order by sliding down a brass pole. All good stuff.

All this talk of remote controlled delivery of food reminds of the fantastic restaurant Räkan (The Shrimp) in Gothenburg, Sweden where I grew up.

Not only being one of the few places one could buy beers (and be under 18). The shrimps were delivered to you on small remote controlled boats which navigated a little pond that the people were seated around. Good luck with your experiments!

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