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I don't think I've laughed that hard for a while - your expression when looking at the sausage was priceless..

I’m up against it now. Good show.


Judging by this rather slanderous start, it is going to be one ugly fight.

What's wrong with a little dust in your sausages? I heard it's very low on calories.

aaaaarggg.... :-S

I've trried to predict the winner using google trends http://hobart65.blogspot.com/index.html

Sausage vs. Bacon is a close call, unless you come from Iceland or Malta


it will be a good clean meaty fight.

Marcus - when are you unveiling the sausage counter-attack?

This whole conversation makes me long for fried eggs and hash browns.

All will be revealed tomorrow. Tomorrow will see the return of the banger. Ecky Thump.

Umm, sorry, unimpressed. It's not terrific, it's not brilliant, it's filming some dodge writing with an unsteady hand. Apology Russell if I seem harsh, just I really want to be the only one here brave enough to be honest with you. I've heard much about you, even met you and refuse to say yay when I know this isn't your best.

I hope it works out.

Russell, I´m quite sure mr. Berners-Lee will be smiling when he sees this. Keep it up!

i just got a little emotional while watching that

You have a blog Heather....it's about bacon. I'm now emotional

Sausage arguments now posted Mr. Davies.

I'm torn. In two. Right down the middle.

It's got to be bacon - they just make better sandwiches, and add more to cooking. A close run thing - it was a properly cured and hung piece of bacon from the butchers what won it for me.


Given that this is the World Wide Interweb, shouldn't we be more geographically specific?

So long as you avoid the cheapo supermarket stuff, English sausages and bacon are both a treat.

American bacon, on the other hand, is 90% fat and heavily smoked - you might as well fry up some cigarette butts in lard. And the mighty sausage is all too often translated as a 'dog' (made out of dog) or a 'link' (the scrapings off the floor of a chicken coop).

Much better steaks this side of the pond though.

We're being quite specific jonyeye. Russell is currently winning with bacon (british) and I think I cover international sausage.

Jonnyeye, American and British bacon have been split out into two different contenders on the Meat Bracket. American Bacon is currently engaged in a meato-y-meato challenge with Hot Dogs.

According to my Google analytics, Mr. Berners-Lee swung by yesterday at 8.43 am to vote for Ribs. Honest.

Jared, this whole meat thing is just the best. Well done.

Thanks! I'm really glad everyone is enjoying it so much.

Looking good for you at the moment my strip of naked lesh loving friend. Sausages are on me when I'm in London next.

Apologies - I should have researched further before commmenting. Can someone post a couple of rashers from Blighty to San Francisco?

Or at least a bag of Frazzles?

Coincidentally, I stumbled across a specialist British grocers in San Francisco yesterday. Imagine huge installations of Baked Beans, Tetley's Tea Bags, McVities Biscuits and Wham Bars. The shopkeeper (for we are a nation of them) was a strange and unhappy fellow, originally from Lancashire. He's been in the States for 4 years, fighting for Rowntree's Jelly like a wounded animal. "These people are crazy" he told me "Have you tasted their macaroni cheese?"

Personally, I'm not sure the best way to enjoy a foreign country is to barricade yourself behind a wall of Bird's Custard tins.

I'd die for a sausage, beans and mash right now though.

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