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Oh Russell, how could you. I was pleased that at least one of my favourite blogs hadn't featured this. I love Apple (mostly) and I want an iPhone, but I was glad to see that you had omitted to post this, unlike every other decent blog I'm aware of. I think what got to me was that no one had anything specific or interesting to say about the launch, other than it had happened, and then regurgitated a few facts. As there are probably undiscovered tribes of Papua New Guinea that knew about this launch it seems silly to blog it unless there's a point to be made, such as highlighting the ridiculously small capacity (8mb!) designed to ensure a smooth ride for newer and better models to come, or the fact that a good portion of these will probably end up with smashed screens unless some bright spark comes up with a titanium sleeve for that cinema sized display. Hmmm, maybe I'll stick my head above the parapet and add a little dissent to the general blogosphere hubbub.

I started with the same intent. It fell through.


Isn't it where you put your thumb when you're posing with it?

They're leaving it empty, 'cos Steve told them to. Never forget, when they were designing the Mac, Steve drove the motherboard engineers crazy, 'cos he said it didn't LOOK cool enough. The engineers pointed out that parctically no one would ever see it... To which Steve replied... "I will!" The only way you can work with Steve is if you are a masochist... Gotta admire the end results though!

i think the space might be for the macsaber...

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