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Personally, I always think I have great difficulty in generating ideas from a blank sheet (as demonstrated by my inability to come up with more than three maple syrup ideas), but for some reason I can edit and tweak really well. This article makes me feel less inadequate!

Too much time spent on social networking sites may promote social introversion and laziness -I completely agree with that.

I think to be a true creative generalist (much as I dislike the term), it's all about balance. Too much 'weird shit' and you are in danger of losing site of the bigger picture, but not enough means that yes, you think along similar (and often generic) lines.

This rang a few bells Russell. What with all the new media things I get to write about and think about. I got some of my best ideas when the juxtaposition of thought and place were most striking. I miss living in Vietnam for that.

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