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Writing on glass is as pleasurable as writing on a banana - which should do once. I saw an interesting us of a frosted window as a whiteboard at one of my client's offices - it makes so much sense to backlight using daylight, unless you're a vampire of course: http://www.agitprop.co.uk/blog/?p=44

I wish I could remember to copy check before hitting 'post' rather than afterwards

I watched Mission Impossible 3 on DVD last night. The movie wasn't that great, but there is a very cool 'writing on window' scene where Tom Cruise calculates the velocity and angle required to jump from building A to building B by sketching their outline on the glass against the cityscape. He then does some complex calculations to confirm this (which is the least convincing part of the entire film), but there you have it, a classic 'writing on glass to look cool' scene.

If you really like this paint on glass thing, there's one film that's all about that without involving submarines, missiles or calculations, but only a bald guy and a brush : http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0049531/

I've been using windows as whiteboards for years. Dry-erase markers work just as well on glass as they do on whiteboards, with no need for a special trip to the office supply store.

I understand why you someone would write on glass at home or at the office - to save yourself from buying a whiteboard - but I never really got it why they do it on CSI. Does reading backwards give them new insights on the cases? Or is it just to show off the fancy studio-lighting?

I suspect people write on glass in the movies etc because it means we spend less time looking at the back of their heads. Plus it looks cool.


O yes getting some now. Thanks chief.

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