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Thanks so much Russell, what a great honor to be linked from your blog.... Following your advice I already uploaded the link to the plannersphere, lets hope that in the future we can find more interesting stuff like the IPA one.

Dear Russell,

Thank you for initiating this.

I have an interesting presentation on another question that troubles a lot of our brethren - how to write good creative briefs. I'll upload it to plannersphere this evening and let you know the details.

Please do take a look and let me know your comments and feedback on the same. Would be an honour to receive some advice and tips from you.


Russell do you want it to be a links site or a wiki content written in directly site? I wasnt sure because it's mostly links now which is why I did that last tentry from my blog - prob just as well though because it was far from being objective encyclopedia material.

One suggestion would be to load the site up with diverse basic information, before getting into any debates. for instance 100 different actual creative briefing form headings from agencies now/historically. I can just about remembers to JWT (1987) BMP (1990) and St Lukes (1995) ones. there have been some really intersting variants, eg at one point in the early 1990s there was a JWT brief which had two headings (roughly convention/disruption, but I cant exactly remember what the two headings were).

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