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sorry to hear about these problems.
Funny syndrome, that.
Some people just take things a
little too personal.
Or, get annoyed if it's NOT all about them for a change,
and they are thinking they
could do so much better.
Just send these dumbfucks to my
blog on myspazz or so;
I write so much crap they would be
deflected and distracted for ages,
and we could go on with this

No insight is ever inconsequential. It may be to some but not to everyone. To hell with critics. Drive on.

Russell, your blog is great but I can't believe that after so long in this industry you would let the b******s get you down! It is really silly. People are going to take the piss out of you. The next thing they will probably write is that you needed your fans to flatter you back into writing your blog cos that is what it looks like here. But who cares why you do it? If you do it because you like attention and people looking to you for advice that is cool! Why do those people blog? Because they want people to read what they write! Everyone in the blogosphere is a secret exhibitionist!

So just get over it, cut the pity show and go back to what you are good at, amusing us, inspiring us and giving us something interesting to read while we have our tea and biscuit in the morning.

This makes me very sad and I can't think of anything to say that doesn't sound lame. I've found your openness here (including this post) inspirational and really hope this doesn't cause you to repress what you feel like writing.

I really enjoy your writing. Don't stop doing what you are doing and don't let the buggers get you down.

It's very simple:

1. There are a lot of HATERS out there. As long as you are well-liked, successful, and, especially popular, you'll attract them (or they'll be attracted to you). These people are sad, insecure fuckers who will not stop until they bring you down. Seriously. Don't let them do this. I know it's harder to say than to do.

2. A lot of people, including myself, have learned a lot from you and have been very inspired by what you do here. These pricks will never have that, and for that they are JEALOUS. You're better than that, and by even mentioning them here, they've scored a point against you. Make it the last tiny measure of gratifaction you give them.

Hold your head up high Russell, a lot of people wish you don't change a thing.

You've inspired me more than anyone else ever did in advertising. I don't know you, neither have I met you but I make sure I read every word in your blog, everyday and I guess so does most planners out here in India. Don't bother with what some arsenuts say. You're doing a wonderful job. Come back soon and give us more assignments.

Please don't change a single damned thing - and as Marcus said, you're important to a lot of people.
There's nothing wrong with constructive criticism, but maliciousness is simply not on. Most people consider you kind and generous, please just ignore these mean, jealous idiots.

I've learned more about planning from your blog than from all the interships have been doing (no offence!)
keep up the great work!

Hey Russell.

Interesting decision you've made. As someone who doesn't blog (but is building up the courage to start ((I don't know why I need courage (I should just get one with it))) but reads them, it does seem they can become all consuming. Perhaps the fact you've reacted like this means now is the time to take some time out anyway - do you think you'd have reacted the same yesterday/a week ago/6 months ago/a year ago?

Anyway - as someone who's recently been inspired to try and forge a career in planning couresy of your blog (and many of the others you link to) and the effort you put in to, well, kind of making planning accessible to people, now's as good a time as any to say thanks.

Looking forward to your return good sir.

Russell, as we say in french, "la bave du crapaud n'atteint pas la blanche colombe". Keep on!

Russell - shut up and get on with it.

Oh, and does that mean our meeting's cancelled ?


Follow your blog, watch your vids, about to attempt my first of your lessons. Love all you do so keep it up mate (not met you but you feel like a friend already so excuse the familiarity). Look forward to meeting you at a coffee morning in the not-too-distant-future.

Russell, if it hadn't been for you, I never would have started blogging - and if I had, I never would have done it in such a considered and measured way. You're an inspiration and every word is great. As Jim Holt said, you're the John Peel of the blog world. Let the wankers wank and ignore them. Don't stop.

Maybe these people are right, maybe you are everything they say.
I wouldn't know as I've never met you.
All I do know is that your blog is full of interesting ideas, whether yours or someone else's. And that anyone who is brave enough to stick their head above the parapet and offer an opinion is bound to be shot at. Keep thinking, keep blogging.

You also have a son called Arthur. And so do I.

This seems to be a fuss about nothing. People are dissed and mocked all the time on the internet, it's what makes it democratic. I'm sure if you weighed the ratios (in true planner style) you'll see a higher level of praise than mock.

I look forward to see a new post soon and this to have blown over after the weekend.

Have a good break

Your blog is a great disruption/ inspiration/ insight/ passion/ innovation source and that's exactly why there are so many ppl coming back to it and reading it everyday.
This break will be like a Google privation...
Sure hope my other bookmarks will keep up with me being over demanding these weeks.

Yeah. What they said. And I have to echo Chris' (three above me) comments...you're a big reason why I even started doing what I do online. So please don't change what you do.

And if you want me to beat anyone up on your behalf, just say the word. Or nod in my direction.

I've been a lurker for a while, but felt obliged to add to the support. I read your blog because it's thought-provoking and helps shine a light into parts of the internet I hadn't been aware of. It's an invaluable part of my surfing. Don't let a few small minded people hinder what is such a pleasure to read

I agree with all of the above, especially Jim Holt. Better to be a John Peel than a John Prescott.
If anything, you are a victim of your own success. Be flattered. Welcome to the internet.


I find your blogging style charming and your observations illuminating.

'Sticks and stones' would be suitable riposte to your critics consumed with negativitity.

Look forward to reading new posts sometime soon.

Russell, I only want to echo the comments above. Your blog is great, inspirational and insightful and keep up the great work!
Also, I've heard of several examples where high profile bloggers (Joseph Jaffe etc) have been slagged off, and I guess that in a strange way it's a huge compliment

1) Sorry this happened.
2) But not too sorry, because it sounds like you've learned something valuable and interesting from the experience. I hope that the good can outweigh the bad.
3) Thanks. A lot. For inspiring, for sharing, for listening, for setting an example.

This is just sad news. You know something, living in a country where sad news are an every day thing I've learned that there's only one way to get over it: keep on living, with your head up knowing that doesn't matter what live goes on, and only depends on you how to live it. This is by far the most interesting blog around, not only because all the interesting things you have to say, but because it actually feels like friendly place, we get to know you, to know Arthur, to know another planners, etc. This blog is like the home of the plannersphere, and definitely this wouldn't be the same without you. You're an inspiration for all of us not only because you're a great planner but because you're indeed one of the nicest and charming persons around.

Wow.This post is about to become the most commented one on your blog (50 comments and counting). Which sort of says a lot about the interest/importance of your blog.
If this was a strategy to measure your 'rate of interestingness' among the blogopshere, I must say that was a masterplan !
Have a good break, come back and resume business as (un)usual.
Look forward to reading you in two weeks.

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