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really really nice point

Hello there,

The author of this article is Marc Gobé " Chairman and CEO of Desgrippes Gobé New York, a brand design firm." He has just published a book about design. This is a sales pitch not an journalistic article.

So yes, you are right - he has a book to sell


I TOTALLY agree with Russell on this one: "digital wins! digital's better!"

Ha ha! It's totally true.

I've recently been developing a new digital outdoor medium which has the potential to be a landmark in consumer interaction:

In conclusion, digital = way forward. Doubt it, and prepare to fail.

Good post Russell. The rule of content (I first heard about from Lee Clow of Chiat Day at an APG conference): 5% is great; 20% pretty good; 75% is invisible, irrelevant rubbish. As you pointed out, that applies to all content and creative endeavors: from books, movies, and music to websites and blogs; old media, old new media and new media.

Spot on. Angry/grumpy suits you. You should do it more...

This is quite interesting and possibly unrelated.


Especially like the lcd screens on the wall of a tube tunnel.

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