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I was thinking about this over the weekend - well, a similar thing - as I tried to write up a piece on briefing and what makes a great brief...

I was wondering if people would be willing to share their brief templates (or lack thereof)?
I'll post the question this morning and see what happens... then share the whole thing...

Meanwhile, thanks for the mention!

Good idea Simon,

we had some discussion of that here;


but I was thinking of asking people for a similar thing to stick on the plannersphere wiki. We should do that.

Hi Russell, with all do respect all I can say is blahblahblah branding, and where's my picture of Arthur???

I meant all "due" respect, sorry!

Claudiu Florea from "Sparking Curious Mind" (http://claudiuflorea.blogspot.com), has one of the best definitions of what an insight is: "Ah, insights, everybody these days talks about insights. A consumer insight is like God - present everywhere but not seen, felt or easily understood. Verbatim judgments, linearly-observed consumer behaviour, or simply aphorisms for life are often passed off as insights. However, to get insights, you need deeper thinking. An insight is what connects the advertising idea to brand attributes via consumer life."

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