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Congrats Mrs!

Anyone got anything good I can steal in Feb? ;-)

a triumph for common sense.

This is a LANDMARK victory for common sense.

As the new owner of the internet, it's DEFINITELY time to sort out a LOT of things:

1) Russell - I have a marketing budget of £5 for you if you cover my election and subsequent victory in Campaign.

2) Should I talk to you or Jeremy Bullmore about writing for Campaign when you're on holiday?

3) Where are you going on holiday?

4) What is my offical title now I've won the election? I've got 'President' on my letterhead at the moment.

5) If you ever want any more planning advice, remember that I will be a BUSY person now, so ask in plenty of time.

6) 10 days and 10 months EXACTLY to Chistmas!


1. Done. Where should we send the photographer?

2. Talk to me. Bullmore is my puppet.

3. Belarus.

4. Er...Postmistress?

5. A brief is on its way to you. NewsCorp want to know what to buy after MySpace, they're thinking either NASA or the W.I.

6. Yes, but only 24 days to my birthday.

For an EXCLUSIVE interview with YOUR Internet President, her excellency Mrs. Janet Belmot, check out http://adlads.wordpress.com

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