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just to amuse u folks:

chk thes out :) stuf frm nothr planet wit lov





Russell - I'm concerned that because my name is spelled wrong, I'm losing out on a LOT of votes.

My husband has DEFINITIVELY informed me that my surname is Belmot, not Belmont.

Can this please be changed before I lose out on a lot MORE votes?

Thanks you!


I have just discovered Mrs Belmot's blog as a result of this post. I find it inspiring and helpful in relation to both advertising and plumbing-related issues. I vote for her predictions for 2007. I also think you should recommend her to take over your column at Campaign on weeks when you are 'away'.

Hello Neil,

This is a GREAT idea. There's too much 'opinion' and not enough 'informed guru knowledge' (IGK) in Campaign in my opinion.

I'm glad you've found a new resource for all your top-level IGK.

I am a big fan of Mrs Belmot. Not so much for her pithy yet obtusely observed views on the marketing industry but more for the entertainment value in working out who the hell 'she' is. She clearly has time to realise the subtlest and most acerbic way to play the idiot savant and the softness of touch to choose a name 'sans pareil' in the blogging world . I think 'she' used to have her name above the door as creative director of an agency that was bought by Lintas in the early 90's. But the joy is that I could be a million miles from accuracy.

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