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Nice. I reckon they nicked media bingeing off me - as they should - no doubt I nicked it from somewhere else ;-p


Have you read that Everything Bad is Good for You? Seems like bingeing and wow are parts of the same drive or drivers towards complexity, immersion and that.

Can't wait until they do a Wow television show or movie.

And nah - deep house ain't cool. Jungle is cool.

Well it is to me. ;P

O wait that City of Sound piece mentions Johnson already. Nevermind. Carry on.

Jungle? We talking old school with bad-ass ragga layers or do I sense a slight genre slippage to the all encompassing (and mighty) Drum & Bass?

Anyway, samurai.fm for those who want it all including those very dirty but stripped down East European/Russian beats/squeaks and twiddles. Live streams are Tokyo and London and of course oodles of mashup sets, which is where the term came from before Life 2.0 got hold of it I believe.

In any case. Great post. Media consumption/interaction is easily the most dynamic, exciting and potent variable in peoples lives right now. It's tricky keeping up with real time changes never mind trying to predict things. But it is fun. I did nick Faris's 'passive massive' thing for a prez a few weeks back... erm thanks for that ;)

You're absolutely right about us ex-pats - I watch tv all night Sunday just to keep up with Ugly Betty and American Idol plus I'm always double screening these days.

Old school bad ass - Congo Natty run ting.

But to be honest I decided when the whole 'intelligent' thing happened to keep calling the entire genre jungle. Drum and bass always felt a bit anaemic and jungle reminds you of the Jamaican toasting heritage from whence the aesthetic sprang.

Emperor Selassie I!

Steal away mate. It's all about sharing.

Plus I stole it from IBM and just moved the words around.

Just make sure you link ;)

Faris said: And nah - deep house ain't cool. Jungle is cool.

Do not believe a word of it. Deep House is supremely cool! And I'm not biased, either.

I can tell you Russell, it IS an amazing space to be working in.

Consider also:

Partial attention - eg: World of Warcraft has integrated iTunes functionality into the game so that you can change tunes while playing without changing applications

Authority - in the "old days", if you were an author or journo, you had AUTHORity because the assumption was people had invested time and money into your ideas. Now? What does this mean for authority?

Production - Edelman's Trust Barometer talks about how tech companies are the "most trusted". Why? Transparency of production. Consumers are at the very core of tech production, from open source to Alpha and Beta testing. And as for v1, v1.2, v2 etc - how many non-tech companies would rather kill off a product rather than make it BETTER? How will bilateral and multilateral communications harnessed properly change production and product development?

Brilliant post, and relevant across the globe.

Just got back from a smallish stint in the hinterland, researching mass markets. (In my country) We're hooked to serialised entertainment and the (seemingly) endless supply of news channels.

Binging is a really good pointer, users want to break down the deluge coming their way. How does one create viewership by engagement instead?

As is the sheer expansion in other media, particularly, print. How much of information is enough? Is there aactually a "dumbing down" or is it simply the response to the deluge?

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