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How does McDonald's plan to market itself through the future given the ever increasing pressure of:

1. Being a brand that we are taught as a society to avoid


2. The legislation restrictions on junk food advertising which are now looking to effect non broadcast media

Hmm, don't think so. Everyone thought that in the 80s and it remained the same. It wont budge at all in terms of healthier food, better coffee - to think that is quite naive.

Having worked for the global business of McDonald's and being familiar with its internal structure a more realistic question would be:

Considering the age of the board members based in Chicago is the real reason why there will never be any significant change at McDonald's because those who own the business are quite out of touch and collecting a handsome profit?

Any changes made on a European level will be so insignificant that you will never see a change in McDoanld's until the organisation dies, and that isn't likely for quite some time.

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