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Love these! If someone comes up with the right planner versions, they could be a great thing for the APSotW participants. Thanks for posting them.

This is my favorite, although I don't think I've earned it yet:

The "destroyer of quackery" badge.
In which the recipient never ever backs down from an argument that pits sound science over quackery.

Surely you could have picked up the "I know what a Tadpole is" badge? I'm just working out mine now and equally dissapointed in my ability (though getting "electric shock III" is an unexpected bonus..)

You've caught me. I'm just a scientist who comes here to observe the Plannersphere n'that.

Oh, and I could claim nineteen science scout badges.

That's really sad isn't it?!

I seem to be in the 'freezing-something-and-setting-fire-to-something-out-of-curiousity' group. Perhaps I should have paid more attention in second-year Chemistry.

Hi - I knocked up a badge, for drinking beer with planners. We could make more if anyone wants to.



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