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where am I? Where's my shirt? Why are my trousers tattered? This is all rather confusing.

I'll show you the arm-bar tomorrow, just in case.

Ps. Heard some rumblings about who might be behind it, looking forward to discussing it with them.

what kind of discussion did you have in mind Mr. Colman? I'm calm, honest, I'm calm.

Sausage deprivation on English expats was the discussion I believe.

Then you got a bit cross.

Seriously - hope the break does you good Russell, see you upon your return.

Discussion about manners.

As Oscar Wilde said: there's only one thing worse than being talked about, and that's not being talked about.

Have a good break Russell.

Okay, how do the British say this... uh... to bloody hell with the slaggers.

Nah, I can't pull that off. Anyway, I've always enjoyed your writing. Have a good break.

In addition... I think it takes a lot of courage and committment to open up and share the way you do on your blog. I wish there was a GOOD graphic design equivilant.

Don't let the pettiness of a few people who don't have enough sense to just LEAVE IT ALONE OF THEY DON'T LIKE IT get to you.

Have a good one.

Keep doing what you do Bro. .

This blog is one of the first I check for updates simply because I find it more interesting than most. You write with honesty and integrity and I admire you for it. Love the random stuff. Love the blurred lines. Love the half thunk thoughts. Have a good break. Look forward to your next post.

OK, I’ve never posted a comment here even though I am an avid & loyal reader. Unfortunately, a very small minority have gotten under your skin. I thought you should know three things:

1. I interviewed at W+K Portland about 10 years ago. I can’t tell you anything about the interview or even who I met other than you. You were the only one who seemed genuinely interested in meeting someone new. To me, that’s a large part of planning and it had a big impact.

2. I love the Sunday New York Times, but I don’t really read the fashion section. The same thing with your blog – not all things I dig, but you’ve opened my eyes to things I wouldn’t have noticed otherwise. Again, that’s a large part of planning.

3. Being in the US, I’ve watched the mantel of planning leadership pass from Jane Newman to Jon Steel to what appears to be somewhat of a void. There really isn’t a true leadership figure in planning in the US anymore. Like it or not, your blog has assumed that role for many – including me.

Undoubtedly, there are thousands of more like me.

Enjoy the holiday, but realize you will be missed.

Phew, back to normal:)
Have a good holiday! You said a couple of weeks, right? that's 2! 14 days..including this one, ok?:D

"I wish there was a GOOD graphic design equivilant."


Hey Ben, that's (notice the position of the apostrophe) an interesting way to spell equivalent, don't (notice the position of the apostrophe) you think?

You know what the silver lining of this dark storm in a tea cup is...
unity. Those of the so called 'clique' and those avid readers who are coming out of the wood works to support you. That's real and thats unity. Nice.

+ on a personal note. May i add to the luvviness and say. Keep on doing exactly what you're doing.

Damn. I wish I saw this post before I commented on your last post. But the urge to comment straight away was too strong.

If you've got over it, then I can go back to being a silent reader.

I am with Marcus. And with Paul. And the silent thousands who see your blog as a "how-to" guide to living and writing by your principles.

When your ideas, generosity and good grace make you stand out from the crowd, then you are also an easy target. Especially for cowards. The small minded. Those who can copy. one. syllable. words.

The blogging community would be much poorer without you.

OK Russell - I presume the meeting is still on then.

Ben - we need to talk too - and I don't mean about my brochure. This spelling's getting out of hand.

I am almost tempted to copy and paste what CraigM said. His point about your blog filling the void of US planning leadership is very true. I'd like to add, however, that your blog goes much further than that. I moved to New Orleans to be a part of the post-Katrina recovery of the city last August. Since then, I've shared your blog with many New Orleanians. None of these people are planners (I believe I am the only planner in the city) and not everyone works in advertising. Creative generalists, rebuilding the cultural economy of the gulf coast, monitor your blog for creative and strategic inspiration. I am aware of several instances where someone here has read one of your entries and used your words to help guide their decisions. Your blog mean more, to more people, than perhaps you realize. Your authenticity is a key component of this.

Ben... actually, I remembered... right after I read it back. My bad.

I'm also the bad speller. Ben just copied and pasted what I originally wrote.

Oh, and "equivalent" ...thank you.

Well, I for one am delighted that you have an interesting clique of friends. It feels as if you introduce us to them. Those connections are priceless.

On the criticism thing,...let's face it, if you appeal to everyone then, maybe there's something wrong.Can't think of anything worse.

Love your work, ...thanks.

I'm not sure you realise how much of a legend you are to many young creatives out here.

Which is also a big part of the reason why we love you.

Enjoy your break and am looking forward to more interestingness

Russell, the value of your witterings far, far outweighs the value of the time it takes to read them. Enjoy your break, but don't forget to come back to your loyal readers. Even the non-planners like me.

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