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This is way too short notice.

You post the night before there's 18 tix left?

300 isn't a bad number either.

Sorry Alex, I wasn't really expecting this kind of demand. We might make more available (I'd certainly lose less money that way) but I want to make sure it's all going to work properly first. (There's still 6 left).

Damn, missed out by seconds - can't see any waiting list on the eventbrite site either. Please release more tickets!

Also missed out. Boo.

I'm IN please let me know about updates, i only need a small corner

I also missed out - keen to go; let me know if any more tickets become available.

looks like next week i'm gonna put my ticket and "first50 badge" on ebay!

gonna make shit loads of money



You guys what missed out will have to get in by offering to do a turn.

I would like one

I managed to get in, glad I bought mine last night and didnt wait til today!

I also missed out but keen to go...

hi russell
my friend lem is pretty sharp with live audio, video, macs and all things techy. he's also a very nice chap. he's happy to be contacted

[email protected]

I find the vagueness very seductive, and would be really interested in coming along.sshh!

Just got back round to checking the blog, saw the posts about this, got really excited... and then saw that it was all sold out. Are you going to be running a reserve list? Please?

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