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This sounds great. Once and for all I got a reason to leave London´s airport and come to the city. No actually I always wanted to and never really got the opportunity. But this is really great. It reminds of the barcamps which keep on popping up all over Europe now too. (www.barcamp.org)
And may I kindly suggest to invite Sacrum as a speaker about Brand Warmness.

Sounds great.

Why not call it Very Interesting.

I think 'very' might be overclaim.

sounds like a grand plan

crackin' idea russell, i'll look into the filming side of things for you.

Toronto has Idea City, much like TED (including the price). These events are fantastic though, as I'm sure your's will be.

For a name, how about:

Russell's Rather Interesting Conference.


Rather Interesting That

or just

Rather Interesting

About bloody time.

Absolutely brilliant idea.

I'm sure The Design Conspiracy can bake some cakes for the event. But only if we get to call ourselves a 'Platinum Media Partner'.

awesome idea Russell. i'll be there

Yes please!

lovely idea. i'll be there too.

yes! love it! and i would like to suggest either some open space or at any rate a level of collaborative decision making when forming the agenda. I'm happy to speak or lead a discussion on:

silence; or
being too clever for your own good.

Wonderful idea.

I'll fly over.


How about going back to Gossage for the name:

What interests you.

Would love to get involved - let us know if you get a wiki of some sort going so I can put my virtual hand-up on there ;-)



Ooh this sounds just what we need! None of that stuffy expensive 2-day conference malarky with PowerPoint slides:(

Just lots of exciting cool people making other people think - its the Innocent Smoothie of conferences!

Count me in.....

I might come.

Sounds like a great idea. Another way to raise money would be for you to charge a smal fee for listening in to an online audio broadcast. the way the few of us poor sods who may be to far away to come can still listen in.

Conference 2.0

"How interesting" sounds like a good name. But I'm not sure if it should end with a ! or with a ?
Before the event it could be "How interesting???" and after it could be "How interesting!!!"

Congrats for the idea!


Superb idea. Seeing as most of the speakers will be ranting on, with great passion, about their particular hobby horse, maybe you could call it:


I'm surprised some wanker (who shall be nameless!) hasn't suggested you do the whole thing on "Second Life" then we can all pretend to be 18 year old bimbos with big knockers. Oh, and you pay for everything with "Linden Dollars."
Anyway, you must have Mrs Belmot do the keynote. Shit, I'd fly over for that.
And what's this with cakes... What happened to EBC&B?

A wonderful idea. Please do post after the show.. and share ideas on what worked, didn't work. Then the rest of us who would like to do something liek this in our hometowns have a guidebook. We promise to share back after our event.

I'd love to cover from a podcast perspective.

How about 'ABI' as the name, standing for the previously mentioned 'Absolute Brilliant Ideas' or 'Absolute Brilliant Inspiration'.

Is the hall big enough?

I'm there, especially for the after-party.

Great! In the diary. As 'interesting conference'.


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