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Great idea but you would pick the weekend I'm back in the uk but at a wedding.

Yes I said yes I will Yes. No better way to celebrate the epic within the ordinary me thinks.

interested in interesting..dependent on serendipity potential of speakers

Sounds like one for the diary.

Using the Rule of Dickett's Finger, how about calling it "The Interesting Conference".

Now that WOULD be a first. For me, at least.

I would be interested. I have a couple of ideas for performers if keen.

Love it.

How about Rus instead of Ted?

Why not Teddy?

I'll come.

Count me in.

Btw "Very Interesting" and "Rather Interesting" sound like lost Pet Shop Boys albums...

The name - 'we're as disappointed as you are' could work.

I will be there.

I would love to come and bring at least two other friends along.

I'm in too, and in anyway that helps - I'll commit to baking cakes (up to a certain number) and I'm sure we can find someone to shoot it too.

A name perhaps

The festival of 'We'

Im in Russell - any help you need - give me a shout :-)

I'd call it "standing up to 500"

yes please

Ooooh. I'm game. Well, that is if I'm not at Sonar - which is all about musical interestingness.

We'll get a dare contingent to help out/attend/bake cakes/hang bunting/rant if you like.

definitely count me in! this sounds wonderful.

An interesting person: Joanna Yarrow, director of Beyond Green, a sustainability consultancy - regular contributor to the Evening Standard, Guardian, Telegraph, Times, ITV on Green Consumer Ideas/issues... also working on the 2012 Green Olympic development plans. Contact details available.

great idea

id love to come

Russell, I'll do my best to come over.
And if you think it's useful I'll shoot some pics.

I'll be there.
May I suggest Sacrum as a speaker?

May I second getting Sacrum in to speak - afterall, he is very popular in Asia [http://robcampbell.wordpress.com/2007/03/08/439/]

go on then, I'll jump on the Sacrum bandwagon too. may it be a conference of warmness as well as interestingness...

Yay! Stick the Staufenbergers down for a handful of tickets.

I'm well into this idea - and my colleagues here (a research group in a chemistry department into new methods of scientific communication, open access/open data, web services, semantics, etc etc etc...) might well be too.

Two please. One and one child.

Might as well have a stab at a name while we're here; how about "Wikiforum"?

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