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Interesting Stuff!

Cannot afford to come to London but more than willing to pay for a podcast and watch it online.

Sounds good.
Greyworld might be worth approaching as a contributor.


Andy from there did a very inspirational session here at Dare

I'm interested... even if I do have to come to london to make it.


Sounds like a grand idea, but will have to wait until the video comes out. Will bung a chocolate and banana cake in the post for you. Special Delivery, of course...

The AdLads will be there, and we can talk about a bunch of stuff, some of our faves are American Football, Videogames, Crazy dance beats and why there is such a patent lack of ambition among newcomers to adland.
But we can talk about anything. And our vote is for a special appearance by Mrs. Belmot!

I'll be there and help raise a few quid for a random jam like this. How about a party afterwards?

Me too. Possibly the most interesting thing I've ever heard...

Great ideia.
I'm booking the plane.

this would be the perfect birthday outing... yes please.

I like the title you've got.

sounds great - count me in

Make room for one more

Gah! The only date in June I already have something in the diary for.

So I won't be there, but am hoping it will be well documented - it sounds great.

I may be in the UK (from Canada) at that time. If I am I would like to come to this event.

Really inspiring idea. Count me and simon in.

Bugger me - I came away from speaking at TED in 2005 thinking "someone really ought to do something like this in the UK, only this time they should make it cheap enough to be accessible to anyone"...

Two thumbs up, Russell. I'd be happy to speak if you fancy tales of polar derring-do with a vaguely geeky spin...

Count me in, looks like there will be standing room only. I love the fact that some people feel the need to submit complex excuses for their absence.

I think you can count the entire Albion planning department in. Two tickets please.

Question: Are we after Ted-style 'Icons. Geniuses. Mavericks'. Or just random interesting people? My dad, for example, is a miner's son, ex-headteacher, bonsai enthusiast, and helpless raconteur. But he doesn't have a blog and doesn't wear a black suit, so perhaps he's not what we're after?

Sounds great
I wish to join it

Love to come - where do I sign up?

Great plan. Ditto on where to sign up.

Also - have you heard of Prestolee school early 20th Century - they had a museum of uninteresting objects - children were asked to argue the case for why something shouldn't be considered interesting, and others then argued against it. Something to be said for finding the interest in the unexpected and the banal?

Sounds very interesting. I'm in (if I'm still in the country then).

This is too cool!

Hope I can make it.

Sounds great, it's in the diary. Just found the Upcoming listing. Phew! :)

I'll be there with bells on... metaphorically of course

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