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any winner?

Thank you Russell. Your feedback is always a boost up for better work.

Fascinating stuff and great critiques Russell. I've no idea who the "students" are but have you any idea why Colombia features more than one might expect?

Do you have Colombian readers, is Colombia a leader in eco-friendly products or are aspirant ad planners otherwise obsessed with the product of that country?

Thanks for your comments - the project certainly got me thinking and was good to look into a category that I don't normally think about.

actually it almost got me buying eco-stuff for my house, almost...

Russell, your criticisms are valid, helpful and kindly meant. I'm blown away by your school of the web. I'm a little puzzled by any planner that doesn't naturally go buy competitive product and use it though. I'm training someone right now, first item on the agenda was "observation" and a bit of shopping!


As someone who is currently in the nonprofit arts field but is really interested in what you do, having the opportunity to see this work and your comments has been invaluable.

Also a big thank you to the folks who submit for their willingness to share their work so that people like me can learn.

I'm wondering if it might be helpful to summarize lessons learned from each assignment to create best practices to take away for those of us to keep in mind as we go on with our regular lives.

Things I caught were:

1. Presentation
* pay attention to sequence of slides - grab readers’ attention early
* Be sure to have visuals that support/are relevant to text on slide and argument
* watch amount of text on slides -less can be more powerful – make sure your point stands out
* Almost everyone had about 5-8 slides – not sure if that was intentional but seemed to be the given length?

2. Content
* having specific sources to cite is important
* start with first hand observation - these are just as important as research
* be sure to balance background information with new ideas

These were just a few - I'm sure there are more and some seem obvious but hopefully helpful?


Russell, I can't express how grateful I'm for your comments on my assignment. This task was very fulfilling and I learned a lot about green marketing, I'm sure convinced now to be more eco-friendly and I even started to evangelize about it with my friends and co-workers.

I was really happy to find out that there was someone else from Colombia doing the task (if you're reading please tell me who you are? I would like to meet some other planners from around here) It was very interesting to see how different, but yet slightly familiar they are. I guess that's what happens in a pitch.

Finally, John about your question... Why are you so surprised to see that there was 2 colombians applying to the assignment?
1. I've never been in your blog, but I'm sure that you have realized by now that this is a global phenomenon, not only from the UK or the US. In my blog I have visitors from places like Togo or Vietnam, so I'm sure Russell has readers from all over the planet, even strangest places than those two or Colombia.
2. Unfortunately, we don't have yet many eco-friendly products as you may have, but we're working on it
3. FYI Colombia is the fifth biggest market in Latin America and we have a very healthy advertising industry with an increasing amount of interest in planning, so it is not that weird that colombian (aspirant) planners are submiting our ideas to Russell's APSTOW.

Dear Russell,

Firstly, your feedback is invaluable. It is such a great benefit and honour that a seminal leader in the field of planning provides feedback to a community "school" you created. Thank you.

Every APSOTW makes me a better planner. APSOTW is the planner version of a Web 2.0 MBA. Which I think is fantastic. Thank you!

That said, I must defend my "typo" issue. Yes, I am 13A - the leader of the typo posse. I could make an excuse about how it was hour number 22 on my flight to a shoot in South Africa and that at this point I had been awake for 37 hours, when I was finally was able to put my presation into Power Point. Or that the “typos” were just “British” language issues, and not relevant in Canada. What really matters is the core thinking and feedback. For which I really value the feedback of Russell and friends. Please, if you or the pannershere have more thoughts, fire them my way.

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